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In other words, euthanasia is a merciful killing of a person who is brain dead or terminally ill. Killing is a crime. But would it be a crime, if a person wishes to die? Voluntary euthanasia can be defined as the person asking someone to take his/her life.

Most Of the world sees euthanasia as an illegal act. “There are only three states in America which legalized euthanasia: Oregon, Washington and Montana. [Legalization is possible only under limited conditions:] The person must be terminally ill. The person must have six months or less to live. The person must not have been influenced by depression. The person must make one written request for assistance in dying'( Euthanasia) Should euthanasia be legalized throughout the whole country? And all human beings deserve the right to die with dignity. Terminal illness diminishes human dignity.

Illness is a very powerful weapon against a human being. It can bring any strong man down on his knees. It is extremely hard emotionally to witness a person dying at the last stages of a terminal illness. Imagine how difficult it is for a dying patient to go through the hell created by the disease. Ill patients can lose all motor skills; it leaves them crippled and unable to feed, bathe themselves, or even use the toilet. They lose all their dignity. The sufferings an ill person goes through are inhumane. Nobody wants to die, but many ill patients seek the death in order to put the ND to their sufferings.

The affects of illness can be so powerful that even the strongest drugs can’t ease the pain. It happened to my grandmother, who was dying slow and very painful death for months. One of her kidneys had a large – sized stone with sharp edges. Every time she moved, the stone poked kidneys, muscles and tissues around it. She couldn’t relieve herself without a medical help. She went through a countless number of medical procedures. Morphine didn’t help to relieve the pain. The last week of her life, the only sound she was making, was moaning, non – stop. Eventually, all people die, nobody is immortal.

And all people have a right to choose when, where and how to die, if we have to make this choice. Nobody, in a free society, has a right to tell a person what to do with his/her life and body. It should not be a taboo. It is inhumane to prolong somebody sufferings against his/her will. And most of the time family members of a dying person are the first ones, who oppose his/her will. The reason why family doesn’t want the loved one to go is simple. They don’t want to lose their relative. To see your family member dying is traumatic. But it can also be very stressful to deal with a financial side caused by illness.

In a society with expensive healthcare, medical help can put a financial burden on a family for many decades. Should the patient be kept alive against his/her will, if the death of the patient can bring the emotional and financial relief for a family? “Last year, Medicare paid $50 billion just for doctors and hospital bills during The last two months of patients’ lives… And it has been estimated that 20 to 30 percent of these medical expenditures may have had no meaningful impact” (Court). It costs up to $10,000 a day to maintain someone in the intensive care unit” (Bock).

Wouldn’t it be better to spend this money to help somebody with curable disease, and give the person a chance to live more than a couple of months? Many people would oppose this idea; they would say everybody is equal and they should have the same treatment. By allowing an ill person to end his/ her sufferings, many other lives can be saved by using healthy organs of a terminally ill person. Isn’t it what the life is about? Kindness, compassion, love and generosity. We often think about what life really is; whether it s a physical existence, or the summary of the events we experience during the time we live.

Life is a summary of what we do no matter for how long. If a person can no longer have quality experiences in life, it is not worth living. Church, on the other hand, has absolutely different point of view on that matter. The religious community worldwide has taken a negative stand on the issue of euthanasia. The majority of Christian religions ban merciful killing of the terminally ill or comatose patients. The issue of euthanasia doesn’t come up in the Bible. However, priests refer to the Bible, here anyone can read about the absolute sin of taking another human beings life.

But Bible also teaches people to be kind, merciful and compassionate to each other. We have to have a right to die, and if it is a sin, then it is between the one making a choice and God. Euthanasia will always be a sensitive topic; and there will always be people supporting and opposing it. There is one thing, people should think about before deciding for somebody else: always put yourself in the shoes of the person you are deciding for. And, maybe, it should be mandatory to write a living will t the age of eighteen on the matter of euthanasia. To save a man’s life against his will is the same as killing him” (Horace).


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