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Notes: this is supposed to be a speech; it does not have an end (thus why I’m on this site); haven’t red through any of the paragraphs since wrote them to hours ago; note its now 3 am Despite the medical advancements of the 20th century there isn’t a cure for cancer or brain damage and countless other diseases. Some patients with cancer walk out of hospitals others might die in unimaginable pain. People with UNREASONABLE brain damage have less options. They either need assistance from machines and family for the rest of their life.

Or they can even be in a state of vegetation where they can’t move at all. Alive only by their machines. In these conditions people should have the option of euthanasia. Euthanasia is when doctor administers a drug to kill a patient, all patients should have this option. Euthanasia is sometimes called the right to die. And all American citizens should have this right along with Privacy and Free Speech. Patients at hospitals also have state given rights like the right to have their diagnosis and treatment explained to them.

Patients are also allowed to refuse treatment or to be taken off life support. When someone goes off life support it can take them minutes to days to naturally die. Euthanasia is a better and less painful option that should be granted to patients. However the government should also regulate Euthanasia to make sure it isn’t abused. Like in Oregon where Euthanasia is legal. The government records every case and enforces strict laws for people who opt for Euthanasia.

One case of Euthanasia was Tony Nicholson. After Nicholson was had a stroke he was paralyzed from the neck down. After spending seven years with his family helping him performing the most basic human functions he decided he want to be euthanized. When he asked the court to allow his doctor the right euthanize his request was denied. And courts have been denying Euthanasia to countess people. One of the fears of legal Euthanasia is that if allowed people will devalue human life. That is not the case.

However, In Oregon their statistics show that most people who ask for Euthanasia are usually don’t ever actually go through with the assisted suicide. They simply want reassurance that if the pain is too much there is a way to die with a little bit of peace and dignity. Oregon also has guidelines like “more than one person involved in decision” to make sure Euthanasia isn’t abused. Probably the most important reason for legalizing Euthanasia is so hat people aren’t forced to suffer. People with terminal diseases have pain managements but that doesn’t always work.

And because of medical improvements like life support someone can live longer at hospital with tubes giving them nutrients or tubes supporting their lings or other things depending on what they are in need of. Most of these people are 70 years or older they’ve lived and now they request dignified death. There isn’t an excuse for unrequited suffering. Euthanasia should be legalized in the United States, people should have the right to live and people should have the right to choose the way they die.


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