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Death is a foregone decision. Every person deserves a choice to live or die. The natural fear people have of suffering and dying and when cure is no longer likely, there are only two alternatives: euthanasia or unbearable pain. People who wish to retain their dignity and choices at the end of life should have the option of a peaceful and gentle death. Euthanasia is one of the most important public policy issues being debated today. Is this a solution or a crime? The outcome of the debate will affect family relationships, interaction between doctors and patients, and concepts of basic morality.

Some doctors support euthanasia because they feel that there will always be patients who feel their suffering is senseless, who have made peace with their dying and want to get it over With. Patients still wish to end their lives in spite of the very best pain care and emotional support. If they are in a Permanent Vegetative State Of mind (PAS), we should prevent the force-feeding Of a patient who has no prospect of recovery and who may not wish to live artificially.

Euthanasia, also known as “mercy-killing,” means intentionally making someone die, rather than allowing that person to die naturally. Do we have the right to take a humans life? Certain religious people do not oppose euthanasia because they believe that only God has the authority to take a humans life. Direct killing of another person is wrong and at the same time, it would also be cruel and inhumane. Every person has a second chance to regain faith. On the other hand, doctors should have sufficient time to issues end-of-life issues with the dying.

We must increase our efforts to provide care to those who are dying, so that assisted suicide does not become the only choice they have. A terminally ill person is incoherent to decide in a short time of what they want to do. However, it would require counseling. Euthanasia is not about giving rights to the person who dies but, instead, is about changing the law and public policy so that doctors, relatives and others can directly and intentionally end another person’s life.

It is not about the right to die. It’s about the right to kill. Euthanasia could have a positive effect but giving a person the right to decide is the most important. It is nobody’s decision to take anyone’s life except for that individual himself. Finally, if euthanasia is legalized, then people or children who cannot make their own decisions could be killed intentionally.


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